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OOC: Concrit and Contact

How am I doing so far? If you see a problem or just want to make a comment, just post it here!

I also now have AIM, so please feel free to contact me!

Character: Luke Triton
Player: Dante
AIM: TheIrradiated
E-Mail: colonel_muffin@yahoo.com


55th Entry

[A very lost five-year-old Luke Triton happens to be wandering around Mayfield, looking very lost and confused as to where he is. One thing is clear though, this place isn‘t Mist Haley at all and his parents seem to be no where in sight. He just sort of glances around fearfully before setting off to go find them himself, hoping that they didn't just up and leave him...wherever this place this.]

Mama! Papa!

[He’ll be wandering all over Mayfield, checking things out, attempting to approach some of the drone animals, and generally getting into things.

ooc: Replies will be from
[info]futuregentleman ]

54th Entry

[Luke regained two things over the holidays. One was a photo of his family from back home, which the first thing he did was nearly toss the picture of his father he found in Westport in the garbage. After a change of heart, he locked up the beat-up photograph along with the rest of the things he collected from Westport.The new photo of his family sets on his desk next to his notebooks.

The second one was a little stranger, to say the least:
a large robot on the lawn of 947 Beulah street, from his adventures back when he met the Professor for the first time. The last time he saw this thing, he and the other children were using it to help rebuild some of the damage that was done to his hometown a long time ago. He wasn't expecting to see it here of all places.

In any case, he's not letting something this big go to waste. His goal is to make it around every street in Mayfield in this thing without complications.

Of course, it wouldn't be Mayfield if there weren't complications. And he seems to be having trouble maneuvering it.

Professor, he'll be stopping by to check on you as well.]


53rd Entry

Are they really trying to get us to fight each other again? They really need to think of betters ways then revealing a few names, of course not everyone is going to want to go home.

It seems to me this Postman fellow wasn't very interested in helping us from the start, if he's going to act like that.

And those two messages...can someone tell me a little more about the Milkman? Those two can't possibly be the same...could they?

52nd Entry

[After a certain party at the house of endless alcohol, Luke’s found himself a in a little predicament. More specifically, his failmily's gotten him drunk once again while celebrating New Years. A little worse then the usual, but no big deal right?

Well, maybe.]

Scenario One!

[Backdated to the night of New Years Eve! There’s no shortage of food and alcohol at 947 Beulah Street, and it seems that Luke was given a fairly large amount of it to help count down to the…whatever year Mayfield is stuck in. The point being that he’s pretty drunk at the moment and the phone happens to be just in reach! Anyone listening in will hear the slurred voice of a thirteen-year-old British boy.]

Hello everyone! Happy New Years! What’s your resolutions? Come on now no need to be shy about ‘em!

Scenario Two!

[Backdated to the morning of New Years Day! The celebrations have ended and now Luke is left with the knowledge of what happens when you have a little too much to drink. After managing to crawl out of bed, he tries to get up and do his daily routine, even manages to fill out a certain form, deciding it was either some silly survey or something for school. Like any kind of voting that gets done in Mayfield really matters, right? Turns out after drinking a lot, you don't really remember things like "polls" and "life-altering decisions". After skimming over the ballot without really reading it, he hastily checks one of the boxes and places it back in the mail, before deciding he’s completely miserable being alive right now.

You’ll find him sitting on the porch with his head in his hands, at the mailbox with his head leaning against it, inside the house with his head against the refrigerator, or just…passed out on the couch.

ooc: You can choose either scenario one or two in the subject line!]

51st Entry [Foward-dated to Christmas]

[Good news! After several months, Luke finally heard from his parents again with a special phone call courtesy of Santa!

The bad news? It’s to tell him they have a new son that they love even more, and that he’s better off in Mayfield and out of their lives.

Over the phone lines, people will hear this message repeated over and over until it finally turns into sobbing.]

I wasn’t replaced!! I wasn’t, I wasn’t

[Merry Christmas indeed.]

50th Entry

[Filtered to Professor Layton.]

Professor, are you there? I need to speak with you.

49th Entry

[Luke’s got a new job as paperboy! And he happens to be wandering around Mayfield, delivering papers to anyone on his route. Or at least, he's trying but appears to be struggling with it thanks to Mayfield’s resident drone doggies. The boy is currently locked in battle with a large, angry-looking drone dog as they play tug-of-war with a shredded newspaper.]

No wait! Give that back, that’s not yours!


Give me back that paper! You’re a dog, you don’t even read it!

[After finally tugging what’s left of the paper out of the dog’s mouth, the dog turns its attention from the paper to Luke. And unlike other drone dogs he's played with, it doesn't look very friendly either.]

H-hey, come on what’s with that look? Don’t tell me you’re going to-


Wait, stop-!!

[A few minutes later, Luke Triton is perched at the top of a tree with one angry drone dog still barking at him. His newspaper bag lies a few feet away with a large hole in it.]


Luke Triton

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